Featured Paintings - Human Figures

The featured theme of paintings here is that of the human figure. Although maybe best known for paintings featuring great landscape or seascape images, the artist was equally interested in the relationship of the human figure to such backdrops and in scenes of people interacting with each other. This small selection of paintings shows a few examples of this.



Low tide fun. 1991.

This bold and rather enigmatic picture was painted the year before Richard Eurich died. The brush-strokes are strong and free and the poetic vision uniquely his. (This picture is one of the new series available in reproduction : see the link to Richard Eurich Reproductions)




Last light. 1983.

This picture has a similar frieze of people in front of the sea but is so different. It has more sense of intimacy through scale and the warmth of the setting sun.






Beach Study No.3 1986.

Here the figures dominate the composition though the familiar backdrop of sea and sky remain. The figures merging tonally onto one another give an abstract strength to the picture.




The Argument 1983.

This picture derives strength from the photographic technique of cutting figures off at the edge of the frame. The oppressive hot colours of the interior emphasize the heated emotions.





Ragworms 1982.

This group of people again warmly lit by the low sun shows a bait digger trying to interest some passers-by in his bucket of worms. The threatening sky emphasizes the light on the foreground and the presence of the little dog neatly balances the composition.




Self portrait with wife c.1990.

The figures (as so often in Richard Eurich's paintings) have their backs towards us. The way ahead does not seem too clear but the pair are in harmony with each other, indeed appear to be the only solid objects against a dense floating backcloth.



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