Featured Paintings - Lepe Beach

The featured theme of paintings here is that of Lepe Beach. Lepe Beach is about seven miles from Dibden Purlieu where Richard and Mavis lived for 60 years. They used to go there regularly just to watch the sea, the people, the shipping, all against the backdrop of the Isle of Wight. It was always different: at low tide there were the bait-diggers and wading birds. At high tide there were sail-boards and swimmers in spite of its being stony underfoot.

This selection of paintings covers a wide period. Richard used to make little sketches on the spot, but the paintings were always done in the studio.


Thunder on the Solent. 1969.

A very topographical painting of Lepe at the time. A liner moves out of Southampton Water to the left in this rather surreal picture


Mini Regatta. 1988.

One of the "unplanned happenings" that Richard came across at Lepe. The Isle of Wight can be seen in the distance. Part of Cowes Week? Richard was fascinated by groupings: the people dotted on the shore, the huddle of craft and then the diagonal line of yachts. This atmospheric painting is quite small but has a spaciousness about it.





The Photographer. 1989.

Almost monochrome, Lepe in the mist. This picture has much understated humour. The person on the left of the group to be photographed is holding the child still for the picture. Why is the cameraman in the sea? Usually the sea forms part of holiday snaps! You can feel the self-consciousness of people aware of a photographer.



The Dog. 1990.

A late painting of extraordinary loose brushwork. One can sense the figures hunched up against the wind, and the angry dog. Cowes is in the background and Southampton Water to the left.



The Fish Market. 1988.

Another "happening." The picture is full of action and colour, the paint broad and fresh. What is going on? There seem to be sail boarders and all sorts of people clustering around a fishing boat. A bit of fantasy based on experience.



The Tanker c.1990.

This is a tiny picture full of movement. People are splashing about in the shallows, while some walk on the shingle-bar exposed by the low tide, but we are reminded of the work of the Solent by a tanker passing by. His viewpoint appears to be in the sea...the beach is to the left.



The Bait Digger's Family. 1986.

Another small picture conveying space. The wife and child wait while the man digs for bait at low tide. There are no faces visible. There is a universality about this simple statement. One can feel the texture of the stony beach, the mud and the sea. No sky.


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