Featured Paintings - Trees

Trees is a subject unfamiliar to many Richard Eurich followers. His great love was the sea, but he always enjoyed a challenge, and the two early paintings show very differing qualities.
Later, when he had retired from doing commissions an teaching, he settled to depicting the sea in all its moods, but in the early 80's a tragedy struck. Vivien Cutting, a lifelong friend of our mother and of the family, was drowned at Lepe, and for some time, our mother, who had witnessed the event, did not want to revisit the scene, so she and Richard made trips into the nearby part of the New Forest, hence the number of tree paintings of this period.

Tree with Fence. 1921.

Painted when he was 17, this shows the influence of the East Anglia artist Cotman, and the Romantic movement, and even his beloved Turner.


The Tree c. 1924 .

This shows the influence of Cezanne, but at a time when Cezanne was hardly known in Britain until Roger Fry's essay in 1927, promoting his work.





Early Autumn, New Forest, 1984 .

This painting has the lightness of touch of an early Klimt or a Seurat. The tones are close , yet there is still a feeling of depth, the path leading one into the magic of the wood.



Edge of the Forest. 1984.

The mystery of the woods is contrasted by the open landscape beyond.



Blackstone Beck 1972-73.

A Yorkshire scene. This painting has the clean lines and detail of an early Renaissance landscape. We do not see the stream but sense its presence deep below.



Spring in the Noads. 1983.

Once again there is little tonal variation except for the light through the trees, but one can feel one's way through the undergrowth with the canopy of leaves overhead.





Winter Forest. c. 1990.

A very late painting with broad brushwork and limited palette. The roughness of the paint reflects the scratchiness of the branches should one try to go into the wood.


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