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Here are some links that we have come across that might be of interest. Of course we would very much like to know of any other sites making mention of Richard Eurich that you may know of, or of any references in newspapers, magazines, books or other publications that we can include here.

Over time, we would like to build up a definitive list of material relating to him for the benefit of anyone seeking more information, but this is no small task and any information would be most appreciated.

Pictures Held in Public Collections

  • Bradford, Cartwright Hall.... 10 pictures, including Gay Lane (as featured in "I Spy Transport in Art"" by Lucy Micklethwait (Collins 1996)
  • Portsmouth City Museum...Ships of All Nations Assembling off Spithead 1953
  • The Royal Academy of the Arts... At least 5 paintings including: The Queen of the Sea 1911 (1954); Quarry Remembered (1964); From Haworth Yorkshire (1965); Shipwreck (1959); The Mariner's Return (1953).
  • The Tate Gallery, London... 5 pictures. Nightraid on Portsmouth Docks, The landing at Dieppe, Survivors from a Torpedoed Ship, Beach with Bathers and Antwerp.
  • Imperial War Museum... Various including Air Fight over Portland 1940.
  • Manchester City Art Gallery... 7 pictures including The Blue Barge Weymouth 1934
  • Manchester, The Whitworth Art Gallery .... 1 drawing The Great Viol 1927
  • Blackpool Grundy Art Gallery ... The Window 1958
  • Kingston upon Hull, Ferens Art Gallery....3 pictures including Marine Harvest 1949
  • Peckham ,South London Gallery.... The Guy 1958
  • Preston, Harris Museum and Art Gallery.... Triptych D-Day 1944 and Watercourse,Gordale 1949
  • Sheffield, Graves Art Gallery....Crab Boat 1971
  • Cardiff, National Galleries of Wales... drawing, Girl Sitting Up in Bed 1928
  • Ulster Museum.... Boats at Lyme Regis 1937
  • Wakefield Art Gallery... 2 paintings including Portland Road 1935
  • Rochdale Art Gallery.... Mousehole, Cornwall 1938
  • Newcastle, Laing Art Gallery..... Round The Point 1931
  • Leeds, Armley Mills Museum....2 paintings including Rescue of the only survivor of a Torpedoed Ship, 1941( Prints available from the Witt Library, Courtauld Institute of Art Somerset House, London WC1 0RN)
  • Aberdeen Art Gallery... Mousehole Harbour 1937
  • Southport, Merseyside, Atkinson Art Gallery... Quayside Dorset 1937, and New Forest Trees 1987
  • Birmingham City Art Gallery.... Grock the Dog 1944, and A Destroyer Escort in Attack 1941
  • Lincoln, Usher Art Gallery... 1 drawing: Fantazia 1927
  • Darlington...Landscape 1953
  • Southampton City Art Gallery.... The Maze 1973? , drawings: Study for Decoration 1928 and Nude Boy in a Bedroom 1929
  • Bournemouth, Russell Cotes Museum.... watercolour, Figurehead 1962

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Porth Leven 1937 (24" by 20") ?

Links to Art Galleries and Museums holding Richard Eurich's Work

Other Sites on the web with reference to Richard Eurich

Books and publications including Richard Eurich references

  • "Richard Eurich - Visionary Artist". A new book about Richard Eurich and his work that accompanies the Millais gallery exhibition ( see below ) is now available. For more details visit
  • Colours of War by Alan Ross 1983 (Jonathan Cape)
  • British Painters of the coast and Sea by Charles Hemming. 1988 (Gollancz)
  • Art in Poole and Dorset by Peter Davies 1987 (Poole Historical Trust)
  • The War Artists by Meirion and Susie Harris 1983 (Michael Joseph)
  • British Art 1900-1937 by Brian Kennedy 1982 (Ulster Museum)
  • Camberwell School of Arts ad Crafts by Geoff Hassell (Antique Collectors Club 1995)
  • Every Picture Tells a Story by Rolf Harris 1983 (Phaidon)
  • War through Artists' eyes, a record of the war by British war artists. Selected and edited by Eric Newton. ( John Murray 1945 )
  • In That Place by Joy Finzi ( daughter of Gerald Finzi, the composer ). For more details visit:

Magazines and Catalogues

  • The Edge of all the Land (Southampton City Art Gallery 1994) copies still available from the Gallery ...written by Nicholas Usherwood
  • Richard Eurich-- From Dunkirk to D-Day (Imperial War Museum 1991) ...written by Nicholas Usherwood
  • Modern Painters (Summer 1994 ) ...article by Jonathan Meades
  • The Artist's and Illustrator's Magazine (Dec. 1989 )... Portrait of the Artist Richard Eurich by Andrew Lambirth
  • The Artist (Oct. 1971).... Interview with Melanie Peterson
  • RA Magazine ( No.7 Summer 1985)....article by Nicholas Usherwood
  • The Hampshire Countryside .. (Dec 1948) "Appletreewick, Hythe - the home of Richard Eurich RA" from the series Hampshire homes...article written by Oliver Beckett

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