NEWS | Sun, 31 Jan 2021

Paintings inspired by Lepe beach collected together

By far the largest set of works rooted in a single location.

Richard did not travel widely during his long life. Apart from regular visits to the West Country in the 1920s and 1930s, most of his paintings drew from his experience of Yorkshire and Hampshire. There is one specific location, however, that inspired more paintings and drawings than any other -  the beach at Lepe - a short drive from his home in Dibden Purlieu. Richard spent many hours there, especially in his later years, watching and sketching.

We have started to gather together a new set of works inspired by life on Lepe beach and by the views across the Solent from there. We have indentified over 350 so far!

Find the set in the Subject Locations section of the Explore the Catalogue page.

Anglers, Lepe (1982)

Evening, Lepe (1971)

Lepe (1988)

Changing Breeze (1981)