NEWS | Wed, 27 Jan 2021

New Image Sets kick off the work on the Sketch Archive

Fascinating set of sketches document Richard's time at Camberwell School of Art.

We have most of Richard's sketchbooks from the early 1920s. Photographing and cataloguing the thousands of sketches in them is a project in itself. 

There is some progress on the photography, but we have not got very far with the cataloguing. To give you a taste of the joys to come, we have pulled together a few sets of sketches that hint at the stories behind familiar paintings and reveal how Richard worked, including a fascinating set mainly done at Camberwell Art School in the 60s when he was teaching there.

Find them in the Media section at the bottom of the Explore the Catalogue page.

Camberwell - Sketch-0234 (1965)
1965-03-12 - Camberwell - Sketch-0234 - web - 1500