In interview, Richard Eurich was very clear that the focus should always be firmly on his work rather than on his life. This section of the website is dedicated to that work, but in the context of his overall life. There is a huge body of work to choose from spanning his life and it would be impractical to display more than a fraction of it at any one time, therefore the exhibition here will constantly be changing.

Some of the work here has never been exhibited in public before, and we would very much like to hear from you if you own any of his work and would be happy for us to display an image here. If you can help us in anyway please email us here, or complete our form and we'll get back. to you. Thank you.

The Early Years
Late Works
1920's and 30's
1950's, 60's & 70's
1980 - 1992

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Featured Theme - Lepe Beach

In addition to our regular display of paintings from across the artist's life, we will also be showing a series of paintings that deal with certain themes therefore allowing us to show more paintings than we otherwise could. The featured theme will change at regular intervals over the coming months. The current theme is that of Lepe Beach.

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