80s Heads

This is a distinct group of small pictures which need to be shown together to feel their emotional force. They were dotted throughout the 80s and represent an exploration of the human face and what it might conceal or reveal.They are all imaginary.

Head of a Woman (Red Dress) (1982)

Rather statuesque, this woman fixes the viewer with her gaze. The pallor of her face is accentuated by the red garment and lipstick.

Studious Youth (1982)

This ‘portrait’ was painted the same year as Woman with the Red Dress. The treatment is much freer and the prominent ears show a streak of humour.

The Surgeon (1985)

Richard had a hip operation in his late 70s. This surgeon may be a memory of his hospital experience. Surgeons do not have a kindly bedside manner but one hopes they are efficient.

14 works in this theme: