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We know of a few corporations who have some Eurichs in their art collections, but there may well be some unknown to us.

A Refinery Scene (The Seven Sisters) (1959-60)

Fawley Oil Refinery is only a few miles away from Richard's home. ExxonMobil (then Esso) commissioned this picture and are still proud to display it in the refinery administration building.

The Great Tanker (1968)

This splendid picture expresses the grandeur of a looming tanker about to turn into Southampton Water. It dwarfs the little figures of people disporting themselves on the beach in the foreground.

Akenaten and Gourds (1973)

Richard grew gourds several years running and dried them on a window sill. The ‘Egyptian’ head used to be on the mantelpiece in the studio. This is a lovey study in browns and ochres.

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