Camberwell Sketches

Nearly all of these images are from a sketch book labelled ‘Richard Eurich, mostly Camberwell School of Art etc.1960+'. He taught there part-time through the 50s and 60s. Some past students have inferred that he did not do much actual teaching, so these sketches may account for at least some of what he was doing with his time there.

There are many figure studies, but he also describes the students, the easels and the junk lying around, the futuristic curve of a single bar electric stove and the view from the window as well as a few humorous asides. He said he learned a lot at Camberwell and, seeing the aspirations of the students and their direction may have reflected back into his own outlook.

Camberwell - Sketch-0319 (1960s)

A pencil drawing here, with that wonderful electric stove. Here he is stepping back and looking at the spaces between objects for their abstract interest. It feels more modernist to me than most of his sketches.

Camberwell - Sketch-0261 (1960s)

This drawing caught my eye because of the dots. It is interesting how he switched from using a pencil to a biro or pen which encouraged a different approach. Here it is as if he is testing out how far his shorthand can go and still be a recognisable representation. It reminds me of kids’ puzzle books and ‘Join up the Dots’. Click on the image and then again to zoom in.

Camberwell - V&A Ceramics - Sketch-0324 (1965)

Taking time out to go to the V&A here with another pencil drawing. This is just amazing to me, trying to imagine doing this myself! The organisation of the display cases with their contents so eloquently hinted at and the strong perspective focussed on the figure in the doorway (and the continuing parade of doorways) is unerring. He has even drawn the electric socket in the far wall!

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