Richard’s scrap book of early drawings and paintings that he did while at school (some during WW1) is worth showing as a separate set. it is interesting how many of the themes and ingredients of his later work start appearing here. It is also of interest that he illustrates the events of WW1 without having witnessed the battles in the same way that he illustrated those of WW2 without being present.

Eddystone Lighthouse (c1912)

Richard had only visited the sea once at this age but he was smitten. Here you can really feel the depth of the swell of the sea. The way he has made the surf break diagonally up the base of the light house is very effective.

Wells and Moran (1913)

A famous fight but not one he can have seen. Perhaps there was a photograph in a newspaper. Wells is delivering the final blow and it looks as if Moran is seeing stars in true comic strip tradition.

Searching for a Target (1916)

WW1 provided plenty of material for Richard’s imagination. Here the composition is more sophisticated than his earlier drawings and he is enjoying the use of perspective even though the telegraph poles seem surprisingly tall compared with the church.

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