In an effort to give the effect of a wide horizon Richard sometimes worked on pictures which were narrow from top to bottom but excessively wide from side to side. But he started this idea as early as 1915 (12 years old) when he must have cut paper to this shape in order to paint a scene where his pet rabbit happily grazed near several guinea pigs belonging to his sisters. He still used this format when he was 86 years old.

Rabbit and Guinea Pigs (1918)

Richard’s earliest panorama is this watercolour. He painted a dark background to show up the tricoloured guinea pig and the white rabbit. But the black ears of the rabbit still make an impact against the dark. Each animal has his own personality.

The Sea (1923)

Mature work for a 20-year old. An experiment in painting an ‘empty’ picture. The treatment of light and the close observation of how waves behave are remarkable.

Windy Solent (1988)

Near the end of his life but still painting with vigour and a sense of excitement.

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