Strange Pictures

This title encompasses for lack of a better word all the pictures which remain strange, mysterious, puzzling or downright incomprehensible. Some have a Bosch-like surface of apparent fun and games and others are shrouded in a mysterious play of light and shadow. Others arrest the viewer with a spiritual solemnity.

In the Museum (1937)

There is something very eerie about the man in his hat unaware of the portentous suit of armour. Seen from behind and apparently in a curtained-off area it seems about to advance into the room.

Episode at Lyme Regis (1951)

This is an accurate portrayal of Lyme Regis but with a surreal incident taking place. A gust of wind blows the hat off a passer-by while a woman holds up a cloth with the image of Christ’s head on it. A sort of latter-day Saint Veronica?

The Shadow (1976)

The nude woman with a wrist watch lying on the beach is straight from Richard's life-class at Camberwell. There seems to be an ‘answering’ nude body in the cliffs of the island opposite. But strangest of all is the shadow of the standing man appearing on the horizon.

79 works in this theme: