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The Society for Education through Art (SEA) held annual Pictures for Schools exhibitions from 1947 to 1969. The Pictures for Schools scheme encouraged local education authorities and other educational institutions to purchase original works of art and display them in schools and offices. The exhibitions were held at the Tate to begin with and later were mainly hosted at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Richard submitted paintings to several of the Pictures for Schools exhibitions. He sold a good many of them, and on several occasions his paintings were voted best pictures in show by the children who visited.

The person behind the idea for Pictures for Schools was the artist and chair of the scheme, Nan Youngman. Richard was at the Slade at the same time as Nan so he may have known her. However, this connection would not have been his sole motivation to contribute works. Richard's interest in painting for children goes back earlier than the scheme. See his Paintings for Children exhibition in 1945. 

The records of Richard's works that appeared in Pictures for Schools exhibitions are incomplete. He submitted more paintings than those listed below, but we have yet to find the relevant catalogues which could help us confirm which ones they were.

For more information about "Pictures for Schools" see Natalie Bradbury's continuing documentation about the programme that builds on her PhD thesis about the scheme.


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