Self Portraits

Few of these exist. Not included here are representations of himself as a boy witnessing remarkable events (for example Gay Lane, Remembrance of Things Past, The Mummers). This group consists of studies of his own face, apart from the final ‘portrait’ beginning to disappear into the trees.

Self Portrait (1926)

Here the face is strongly modelled with broad brush strokes. It is vigorous but a bit self-conscious. Painted when he was at the Slade.

The Green Shirt (1932)

This was painted in the same year as his first portrait of Mavis (his wife-to-be) and probably is a companion piece. It shows himself as confident and determined to make his mark as a painter.

Self Portrait with Wife (c1990)

Nearly 60 years later, slightly bowed and slowed down by age but still venturing into the now darker shades of the unknown with Mavis at his side.

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