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Photographing and cataloguing Richard's sketchbooks is a whole project in itself. Many have been photographed already, but we have only just started the cataloguing. To give you a taste, we have posted a few sets, including a fascinating group mainly done at Camberwell Art School when he was teaching there in the 1960s.

Scottish Peaks (1926)

Having spent a year at the Slade under the tuition of Professor Tonks, Dad’s drawing had been honed to a fine degree. Here by contrast he is relishing using a shorthand to help his memory back in the studio and still managing to catch the essence of the landscape.

Portsmouth (1942)

This extraordinary drawing hardly counts as a ‘sketch’. But it was specifically drawn as a guide for painting back home. He always amazed other artists by never resorting to any sort of measuring tool and just worked from one side of the paper to the other. He was pleased when members of the crew couldn’t find anything wrong except one hatch cover missing.

Evening, Lepe (1972-08-09)

This sketch led to to the painting 'Solent from Lepe' (1972). By this stage of his life Dad knew what information he needed in a sketch and what could be left out. And he was steadily able to leave more and more out and know what slight marks could trigger his memory.

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