This set gathers together Richard's commissioned work for the Admiralty, war pictures he did independently and some drawings and paintings done as a young teenager in WW1. Little did Richard imagine then that he would be an official war artist in the next world shattering conflict.

The WW2 works not only include images of conflict and fighting but also other aspects of war such as harrowing portraits of imagined inmates of prison camps, and an image of a remote bombed-out house perched near the sea, with its immaculate vegetable patch still intact: destruction and creation side by side.

Sinking Ship in Flames (1915)

This WW1 picture was done when Richard was at boarding school. He entertained the other boys with his graphic illustrations of wartime events. By capturing their interest he found that they forgot he was half German.

Barrage Balloons (1940)

An example of one of Richard’s panorama pictures. The light of the setting sun gives a warm glow to the scene at Hythe where the hangar is painted in camouflage colours. On the other side of the water Southampton docks can be seen with all its activity.

From Dachau (1942)

There are no words to express what this man has seen and experienced. Humanity has been reduced to its lowest level and life will never be the same again.

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