NEWS | Mon, 02 Oct 2023

RE catalogue features on NEAC website

Creating a Catalogue Raisonné and Website for Richard Eurich RA NEAC OBE

The New English Art Club (NEAC) have posted a news feature on their website that tells some of the stories behind the creation of the Richard Eurich online catalogue raisonné.

The NEAC was founded in 1886 and became an important place where young artists in particular could exhibit and find support. Richard had his first work accepted to an NEAC open show in 1927, and went on to exhibit nearly 150 paintings and drawings in NEAC shows over his lifetime. He was elected a member in 1943 and was later made an honorary member.

Here are some of the works Richard put into NEAC exhibitions and the years they were shown:

1927 - Fantazia

1946 - Drydock

1970 - Stormy Morning, Mid-Wales

1985 - The White Sail

1990 - Adam and Eve

Fantazia (1927)
Fantasia: the next drawing, of strolling players

Dry Dock, Southampton (1935)

Stormy Morning, Mid-Wales (1969)

The White Sail (1980)

Adam and Eve (1988)