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From his first show at the Goupil in 1929, Richard was noticed. Some of those drawings, though privately bought, were donated to public collections. His wartime pictures were mostly commissions and are housed at the IWM or the Tate or the Maritime Museum at Greenwich. Commissions continued, but after his ‘retirement’ from such work and public notice, the works in public collections tailed off.

Old Fawley Mill (1937)

The Mill is on Ashlett Creek which flows into Southampton Water where it starts to open up into the Solent. The oil refinery was already expanding in the 30s and is visible to the right.

Robing Bathers on a Rainy Beach (1969)

It is interesting how the huddled figures on the left try to fend off the rain while those on the right seem to open up to greet it with joy. A great and idiosyncratic composition.

Sunday Afternoon, Glarner Alp (1971)

Richard was persuaded to visit Switzerland by his daughter who was living near Zurich. This joyful masterpiece was given by Richard to the school that all three of his children attended at various times.

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