Richard was a keen gardener, and bright flowers, none too subtle, gave him great pleasure. Flowers often find their way into his pictures not just as a still life but sometimes rather surreptitiously or symbolically.

The Rainbow (1937)

This was painted three years into Richard’s and Mavis’ marriage. The garden had started as a wild piece of Forest with lots of young birches and gorse and one rather boggy area. This picture was a triumphant show of what he had already managed to grow in their front garden.

Buttercup Field (1948)

The Buttercup Field has become a sea of flowers and Dad has painted it the way he sometimes painted the sea. [PB]

The Mummers (1952)

I like the way two bunches of flowers have made their way into this picture. The carelessly dropped nosegay and also the exquisite still life precariously balanced on the windowsill. [PB]

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