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Landscape painting comes a close second to Richard’s better-known sea pictures. The nature of his treatment of landscape changed from free brush-strokes to tightly organized compositions and then on to a new sort of freedom of style as he matured. There is always a sense of experimentation and often a certain intensity. He never fell back on a “safe” approach.

Broken Tree (1926)

Richard cites the only two painting lessons he had as a teenager where he was instructed to 'put the paint on and leave it!' This is evidence that he is heeding these words.

Cottage In Wales (1953)

This picture rewards close examination of all the detail. It is a wonderful celebration of ageing corrugated iron and the colour range there. There is a simple delight in the cottage itself with its open door and the man obviously pushing a wheelbarrow, the dog in the yard, the rabbit in its hutch and the landscape on the left of the house carries the viewer further into the picture.

Landscape with Cows (1965)

The 60s saw a great release in Richard’s technique, recapturing his youthful zest but with a mature and sure touch.

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