Night | Dusk

Night-time or Nocturnes can illustrate different moods. Serene calmness just lit by the moon, things shrouded in mystery or a celebration with fireworks and gatherings. It’s interesting just how many night time pictures there are here.

Night Episode (1937)

A mysterious picture with an atmosphere of the illicit about it. Richard loved the effect of forms emerging from the darkness.

Sir Francis Chichester’s Return Celebration at Buckler's Hard on 17th Sept 1967 (1967)

Beaulieu was only 3 miles away from home and Richard went down twice that day to capture both the daytime and the nighttime fun and games. I love the way Gipsy Moth looks so elegant and calm between the fireworks and the bandstand. I think the flare from Esso has been judiciously moved round a bit to add the right spot of vibrant colour just there. [PB]

Sail in the Dark (1987)

This is a tiny picture but feels immense and is painted with passion. Richard was obviously excited by the mood of what he had seen at nearby Lepe Beach.

66 works in this theme: