Nude Figures

At the Slade, drawing from the nude was an intense course and Richard won a prize for his work. However, when left to himself, his nudes were often somewhat attenuated and softened.

When he started painting beach scenes, naked figures would often appear among fully clothed groups... the play of shapes and tones varied the surface and often gave liveliness and humour as well as an occasional gravitas.

It is the presence of nudes, overt and hidden, that often adds the element of strangeness to the paintings in the set we call 'Strange Pictures'.

Mother and Baby (1946)

The woman and child are very sculptural, an effect enhanced by the grisaille painting. It is also quite a tender image.

The Shower Bath (1951-52)

This picture is smaller than one might think. The amazing mahogany shower structure frames the main figure in a lovely soft light.

Outlook Through a Window (1984)

This strange picture of an empty room with the two nude figures feels quite claustrophobic with the lack of sky outside. The usual case of the interior being darker than the outside is reversed.

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