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Harbours and ports feature mainly in the early part of Richard’s career, but the ships, boats and other craft are a subject throughout. He spent the winter months of 1932/3 in Lyme Regis working towards his first exhibition of paintings at the Redfern Gallery titled 'Dorset Seaports'. This followed the show at the Goupil in 1929 which consisted solely of drawings. He loved the working ports and the atmosphere of camaraderie among the men concentrating on their tasks, as well as the beauty of the ships themselves.

The Grain Ship, Falmouth Harbour (1937)

Richard shows how the beauty of this ship graces the harbour. Several of our family were honoured to see the restoration studio at work on this picture at the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. [PB]

Tanker off Cowes (1972)

A far cry from a lovely clipper ship but Richard found the tankers in the Solent fascinating in their way. Looking down from Cowes with the sun behind is peaceful and also intense.

Workers Emerging (1976)

A reimagining of the glory days of shipbuilding in the north reminds me a bit of a photo by Chambré Hardman of the building of Ark Royal taken in 1950. The perspective here is exaggerated to great effect. The back-to-backs with their washing across the street were a common sight up till the mid 60s but I can’t imagine that the sheets would be very clean after all these workers had pushed their way past! [PB]

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