Portrait of a Little Girl (c1926)
Photo: from B&W photo in RE album      
© unknown

Portrait of a Little Girl


Oil on canvas

Whereabouts unknown

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Aka: Portrait of a Little Girl [RE memoir]

dress female girl seated seated figure unfinished young

The image of this painting was copied from an RE photo album. The photo was mounted on a torn sheet which was inscribed: "Margaret Oliver, oil".


"Among the paintings I did just after I left the Slade was a Self Portrait, which was my first attempt at painting a head. I was then offered a commission to paint the portrait of a little girl. I went to the house and ‘Auntie’ read ‘Through the Looking Glass’ to her, but longer than one hour she would not sit. In that time I had painted quite a good head, with arms and hands indicated. I tried to tidy it up a bit but probably ruined its freshness and vitality."

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