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Richard always had a childlike delight in animals. Early on, he and his siblings always kept pet animals. He was moved by the loveliness of the creatures but also found comfort and humour in them.

The Cat and Mouse (1929)

This drawing shows a quaint harbour town on this side of the river while the other side is totally industrial. But the title of the picture draws attention to a tiny cat pursuing an even tinier mouse along the street. They have caught the attention of two men, one in the foreground and the other dodging through a distant archway. A very strange raked perspective.

Grock, a Dalmatian Dog (1943)

Grock was named after a famous Swiss clown. This dog was quite a character, a special presence in the family, and there are a couple of funny stories about him. [PB]

Tigers (1948)

These are not the noble, fierce animals that Blake may have envisaged. They are slinking and suspicious and possibly irritable creatures, their colours harmonising with their environment.

Last Look at the Sea (1992)

This poignant picture was painted in the last weeks of Richard's life. The mute presence of a dog doesn't disturb the solitariness of the figure.

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