Empty Seascapes and Landscapes

After his childhood in hilly Bradford, seeing the open horizon of the sea when he visited Sandsend near Whitby, was an extraordinary experience for Dad. Particularly later in life, he felt the need to simplify and empty his pictures of clutter and detail. He can create a feeling of vastness and spaciousness in quite a small painting.

Winter Seascape (1984)

The tiny points of the people, the spit of land and the sea marker spaced out in the composition reinforce the sense of emptiness.

Breakwaters (1988)

Another bird’s eye view. The breakwaters point in the direction of the furthest horizon, away from the familiar and the safe.

Choppy Sea (1989)

Although a couple of boats and distant land can be made out on the horizon, the main impression is of the wildness of the wind and sea.

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