Figures on a Beach

Richard loved to juxtapose the formality of the three horizontals of sky, sea and shore with the ever-changing human form and the patterns that they make. He also found humour, pathos or spiritual symbolism in the small narratives that emerged.

"The idea of figures on beaches is undoubtedly one of his favourite themes . . . physical types tend to be monumental and pale - sometimes almost ghostly; a coincidence which reinforces the marginal surrealism that occasionally tinges his vision."
Master of Poetic Narrative, 'The Scotsman', May 1977, author: Edward Cage

Beach Scene, Isle of Wight (1965)

From the turbulent 60s a turbulent picture! the figures seem to be crawling out of the sea or at least a bit too close for comfort to the thrashing waves. I hope one day to see this in colour. [PB]

Anglers, Lepe (1982)

A beautiful little picture with the feeling of hazy light coming off the surface. The details are suggested with the merest flick of the brush.

So That Is the Island (1987)

The rather attenuated figures are poised on the beach and the surface of the sea vibrates all round them. Mavis must have come into the studio with a cup of tea and given the picture its memorable name.

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