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Richard was a shy and retiring man, but he recounts in his memoir how the celebrations in his native Bradford spilled out over the streets with huge energy and a certain wildness. He loved to watch them from a safe distance (usually through a window) and his inner being responded to the mood. He loved to observe how the clustering of people and crowds added intensity to a room or landscape.

Negro Ballet (c1950)

Possibly more of a Caribbean one? He always was against using photographs as a basis for a painting but in fact did use them on several occasions. This may well be one of them.

The Procession, Yorkshire (1970)

A wonderful panorama drawing on childhood memories safely viewed from a distance. The quiet ancientness of the foreground is a foil to the imagined noise and movement beyond the wall.

Cowes Week (1980)

Paint freshly put on and scratched here and there with the end of the brush-handle conveys the sense of the crowds in holiday mood with their picnics on Lepe Beach watching the yacht races in the Solent.

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