Sunrises | Sunsets

Richard's teenage watercolours of early morning skies are delicate studies and he notes in his Memoir his exceptional decision to paint a lurid sunset when he was still a teenager. This was condemned by his ‘artist' friends. In the 1960s however he experimented with colour in a completely new way, and wild sunrise and sunset colours were unleashed.

Tugboat (1921)

One of Richard’s daring attempts at a feast of sunset colour at a period when it was deeply unfashionable.

On the Beach (1966)

The sun is setting on a wild sea and clouds are approaching. There seems to be a hint of a rainbow caught in a fitful shower. Some people are transfixed by the glory of the scene.

Penelope (1980)

This small picture has a feeling of vastness about it. Here, the blood-red sun sinking towards the end of another day symbolises the weariness of Penelope's waiting for the return of her husband Odysseus

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