Towels | Shrouds | Figures Bending Over

Towels obviously occur in many beach and bathroom scenes but we kept finding odd examples of either a towel or towel-like shroud draped often over the head. In many instances they seem signifcant in some way and create a very strange atmosphere. In some of the paintings figures are bent over for no apparent reason, sometimes with a towel hanging over their heads and sometimes without.

Mother and Children, Day at the Beach (1926)

Possibly the earliest example of a figure holding a towel. Richard’s towels seem to be mainly white, blank cloths ready to take on any form or meaning.

Beach with Bathers (1969)

Several white towels or towel-like cloths are part of the rhythm and pattern of this picture. They help to create a strange and rather surreal atmosphere.

Promenade at Night (1972)

At first sight this picture looks like a straightforward lamplit romantic scene. But on the right hand side is a ghostly figure walking away wearing what seems to be a towel-like head-dress.

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