Usually peopled, these interiors are often closed in and/or curtained off and slightly theatrical. Or there might be a view through a window to another world. Or simply a framework for figures to disport in. There is a large proportion of bedrooms!

The New Dress (1929)

The woman at the harpsichord seems to have had to stop playing while the little girl comes in to show off her dress. It could be that the portrait on the wall is a recent one of the same girl. While that of her brother shows a determined character with the pet cat in an arm-lock grip!

The Bedroom (1945)

The girl looks none too pleased that her dog has been chewing her elegant shoe. There are nice feminine touches to this bedroom.

Death of an Astronomer (James Blackhall) (c1980)

This man lived next door but he died in the 50s. Richard as an old man himself now may be comparing his own fate to come with that of his neighbour looking his last on the stars that he loved.

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