Paintings for Children

Even while working on pictures for the Admiralty during the War, Richard (now father to two children) felt the urge to paint pictures specifically to be enjoyed by children but without being patronising. His 'Paintings For Children' was a solo show at the Redfern in 1945.

He put his first paintings into the 'Pictures for Schools' scheme at the Tate in 1948. He continued to participate in the scheme for some years after that, winning the children's favourite painting accolade several times.

The Red Engine (1943)

This picture was painted for the son of one of Mavis’ friends. All the details that fascinate a child are there so although simplified you can see how everything works.

The Shadow, Eclipse of the Sun (c1944)

As the sun is covered and the world goes dark, various night animals come out, and all the creatures look startled.

Catching the Pony (c1945)

The farmer’s wife stands in the doorway looking on as the children and dog try to catch the pony in the field. The pony seems to think it is a game and perhaps it is.

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