Seascapes | Coastal Scenes

Although Richard’s early life was in landlocked Bradford, the sea eventually became a dominant theme for him, its horizon symbolizing somehow a distant yearning within him. The sight of the sea always thrilled him in a way that nothing else did. He experienced a few memorable sea trips but most of his observation was from the land or from an imagined high point in the sky.

Lulworth Cove (1934)

Richard and Mavis were married in September that year. The people here are not portraits, but this is just an image of the bliss of companionship in a beautiful place.

The Bay (1952)

The Bay either refers to the beach or the horse in this lively picture. There is a certain delight in seeing the rower working hard on the choppy sea through the legs of the horse.

Unusually High Tide (1989 - 90)

Richard and Mavis’ car was actually swamped by this wave as they drove to their usual parking place at Lepe Beach. Their car figured in the picture originally but Richard decided to change it which is why the dates cover two years.

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