Umbrellas | Hats

These objects appear so often that they become noticeable. Occasionally they appear to hold some significance.

Trying on Hats (1951)

A girl sits naked in front of a mirror while she holds a hat poised delicately over her head. Several other hats lie next to her on the bed. The whole picture is bathed in light.

Sails and Crucifix (1951)

The girl stands out as colourful figure as she clutches her hat and her parasol. A gust of wind often signifies some spiritual happening and the crucified figure is echoed by the man poised on the rigging of his boat.

The Island (1989)

Lepe Beach is a familiar scene, but here a tall black man wearing spats and a checked cap, leaning gently on his stick, is an unusual person. It feels as if there is something of Richard himself in this figure.

112 works in this theme: